First Class Google Ads Scripts

Scripts last updated: 04 May 2024

Scripts last added: 20 Apr 2024

An affordable, flexible way to speed things up or fully automate processes.

Auto Negative Keywords (Positive Keywords Script)

This hugely popular script will automatically add negative keywords based on “positive keywords” you define. Ad Group Level.

negative keywords · sculpting · shopping · search · dsa

Rule Based Bid Updater / Pauser (Keywords & Products)

Setup rules to update keyword and product bids based on cost, conversions, ROAS, CPA, and more. This script also includes pause functionality.

bidding · keywords · products

Search Query N-Grams

Create 1 word, 2 word, 3 word and 4 word nGrams from search queries.

ngrams · search queries · search terms · negative keywords

Auto-Add Negative Keywords (Positive Keywords Script, Campaign Level) Pro

Automatically add negative keywords based on “positive keywords” you define. Campaign level (Pro) version.

negative keywords · sculpting · shopping · search · dsa

Search Term Manager

Generate multiple Search Term reports from a single script then choose what to add or negate.

search terms · keywords · negative keywords

Keyword Discovery Script (with Fuzzy Match)

This script will surface successful search terms which haven’t yet been added as keywords. It’s great for finding new Search opportunities.

keywords · opportunities · growth

Barry. Google Shopping Product Trends Report (Google Ads Script)

Product trends report across 6 different time periods. It's perfect for keeping track of peaks and troughs.

google shopping · products · item ids · trends · reports

Paul. Search Term Trends Report (Google Ads Script)

Create multiple Account-level Search Term reports based on Search Term, Campaign and Metric filters + choose your own (6 total) date ranges to compare.

search terms · trends · reports

[Light Version] Auto Negative Keywords (Positive Keyword Script)

A lighter version of our Auto Negative Keywords Script. Free of charge.

negative keywords · search terms