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Rule Based Bid Updater (Keywords & Products)

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Setup rules to update keyword and product bids based on cost, conversions, ROAS, CPA, and more. This script also includes pause functionality.

We've been writing custom scripts for nearly a decade now and have noticed requests for bidding scripts have slowed.

That's a good thing. We should all be leaning into Automated Bidding where possible.

However, we still feel manual bidding can be a valuable tool in a PPC manager's arsenal - usually when there isn't enough data for automated bidding.

It can also be wise to outright exclude a product or pause a keyword that's gone awry.

Let's look at some example rules:

  • No conversions and > 200 clicks? Pause the keyword
  • No conversions and > 100 clicks? Lower the bid by 10%
  • ROAS above target and > 50 clicks? Increase the bid by 10%
  • < 10 impressions? Increase the bid by 10%

We're working on a pro version with extra options and DSA support - let us know if you're interested and we'll bump it up the queue!

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