Our Services (Custom Google Ads Automation)

Allow me to introduce myself

profile picture of the scripts author, Charles Bannister

Charles here, I started Shabba (previously known as “Automating AdWords”) around 8 years ago. I’ve always been a big fan of systems and automation and now I help companies do exactly that!

Just this week, we helped an ecommerce client setup a system where:

  • When a new product is added to the shelves
  • An email will be sent daily until it gets Google Ads clicks
  • A success email will be sent along with how long it took to get clicks
  • Then a final success email once there’s a conversion

Something as simple as that helps keep the team on track, give everyone a kick up the arse and keep an eye on product launch times.

(note this sort of system needs a gmail, etc. labelling system to prevent inbox overload)

And because it’s a script it can be endlessly customised to work best for the specific business and the people involved.

And that’s what we do: we’re your automation department, working with you to devise and create systems to improve:

  • Joy - Nobody enjoys performing repetitive tasks or constantly bugging people to do something. Systematising and automating is fun! (maybe this one's just me)
  • Accuracy - We’re all human, mistakes get made when performing manual tasks.
  • Money - Cut wasted spend and improve profits. Increase business value.
  • Efficiency - Save time, be more productive overall.
  • Scalability - Dataset size doubled? Employees added? No problem.

And it can all happen instantly, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Areas of Expertise & Tech

We specialise in MarTech or AdTech with a focus on Google Ads, Bing Ads and everything within that ecosystem including GA4, Shopify, Looker Studio, Slack, HubSpot, etc.

We will only work on solutions that we have personal experience with. That helps us fully understand what we’re working with and move quickly.

That means we generally avoid work around the Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram APIs.

Some of the technology we use includes:

  • Google Ads Scripts
  • Microsoft Ads Scripts
  • Google Apps Script
  • Python
  • PHP (Laravel) & JavaScript (Vue)
  • Zapier
  • AWS & Digital Ocean

In a nutshell

We can turn your ideas into reality or help come up with solutions based on your specific needs.

Those solutions can be just about anything but generally revolve around Google Ads Scripts, the Google Ads API and third-party services/APIs.


Work is quoted on a per-project basis.

Custom Google Ads Scripts Scripts start at $300.

Get in touch for a no-obligation quote or to arrange a chat.


We’ve worked with publicly traded billion dollar companies, agencies managing more than 600 accounts as well as humble “mom and pop” shops.

We’ve built systems handling millions of rows of data and quick scripts reporting on conversions. Whatever you can throw at us we can handle.

What kind of solutions do we develop?

Projects generally cover three main areas.

    1 - Niche circumstances

    Some things aren’t possible with Google Ads alone (including Excel and Ads Editor) or if they are, it can be a time-intensive process. This usually involves in-house or third party data such as CRM data, stocks or the weather. In 2023 that includes ChatGPT!

    One example is a client of ours in the service industry. They have engineers up and down the US with a campaign per location across thousands of locations. As engineers become available the local campaign is enabled instantly, then paused once work is booked.

    They have engineers up and down the US with a campaign per location across thousands of locations. As engineers become available the local campaign is enabled instantly, then paused once work is booked.

    Another e-commerce client sells the same SKUs across dozens of websites. Similarly, ads will be paused once the product goes out of stock.

    A famous example from Google is a weather-based bidding script however, it can only be used alongside manual CPC. I used it for a sunlounger account a few years ago (and I love examples like that!).

    2 - Enterprise accounts / large agencies

    Updating ad copy to reflect a Christmas sale across a few campaigns is easy enough in the UI or via Ads Editor or Excel. When it’s thousands of campaigns across hundreds of accounts around the world, you can save a lot of time automating the process.

    3 - Reporting & Alerts

    Reporting in the Google ecosystem has gotten leagues better with GAds reports, custom columns and Looker Studio aka Data Studio. GA4 feels like a step back but that’s something for another day.

    Tools like AdEvolver provide examples of reports & alerts that you wouldn’t get otherwise such as budget overspend, conversion tracking problems, new search terms, or unresponsive landing pages.

    There’s also the combining of data from CRMs, merchant centres, different ad platforms, etc. to create a holistic view.

    One of my favourite, albeit simple, techniques is to pivot data across multiple date ranges and average it by day.

Get your free, no-commitment consultation

Tell us where it hurts and we’ll tell you what and how it can be fixed as part of a zero-commitment chat. You might have a few ideas already (most clients do) and we can discuss those too.

Alternatively, if you simply have a question please don’t hesitate to reach out. It helps us better understand our customers and improve our offering.