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1. somewhere where product are sold; a store

2. a place where things are manufactured or repaired; a workshop

A collection of expertly crafted Google Ads Scripts

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Thanks to years of tweaks and feedback, our scripts are brimming with features.

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Complete with notes explaining each setting.

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Meet the Author

profile picture of the scripts author, Charles Bannister

Alright! I'm Charles Bannister, I've been programming for over 15 years now and working with Google Ads for around a decade.

Around 7 years ago I decided to combine the two and start selling scripts and creating custom tools for clients.

I've worked with the likes of GoDaddy, Purple Mattresses and Nigel Bannister (my Dad, who gave me some of my first work bless him) along with lots of smaller companies and agencies.

I'm on LinkedIn and Twitter.

a happy customer regarding the auto negatives (positive keyword) script