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Tags: Negative Keywords, Search Terms

This is a ligher version of the Auto Negative Keywords Script.

Automatically add negative keywords based on “positive keywords” you define.

Perfect for:

  • Shopping campaigns
  • Dynamic search ads (DSA)
  • Broad match keywords
  • Text Ads (combat Google’s “close-match” going awry)

Shopping ads and DSA use data you provide (a feed or the website) to determine which search queries your ads will appear for. Not unlike with broad-match keywords (and increasingly exact and phrase match!), Google Ads doesn’t always get it right.

Irrelevant terms are rife particularly within Shopping Ads & DSA and the problem multiplies as bids increase.

The following free Google Ads Script helps by adding negative keywords automatically based on positive keywords you define.

  • Auto add negative keywords based on "positive" keywords
  • Accepts multiple matches
  • "Pick up where it left off" support

Try the pro version for extra features

  • Negative keyword list support
  • Only add new negative keywords
  • Advanced settings checks & logs for peace of mind
  • Email error notifications
  • [exact match] support
  • Advanced query filters
  • Use Ad Group names as keywords
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[Light Version] Auto Negative Keywords (Positive Keyword Script)

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