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Keyword Discovery Script (with Fuzzy Match)


This script will surface successful search terms which haven’t yet been added as keywords. It’s great for finding new Search opportunities.

There are two main steps:

  1. Grab search terms based on your filters (these generally want to be successful search terms)
  2. Populate the sheet (and optionally send an alert) if any of the search terms are NOT in as keywords

The script can be run manually as part of your internal processes or on a schedule. Enable notifications to receive an email when there are new opportunities.

Using the advanced filters, you can define success however you like. That includes filtering search terms based on text they contain (or don’t contain).

Introducing Fuzzy Matching

The first version of this script was producing a lot of accurate but unhelpful results.

If “purple dog collars” has been added as a keyword then “purple dog collar” isn’t much of an opportunity thanks to close variant matching.

That’s where fuzzy matching comes in. Similar to close variant matching, the script won’t report opportunities (or alert you) if there’s an existing, similar keyword.

Here are some examples:

Search Term Keyword Fuzzy Match Score
dog collars dog collar 91%
purple dog collars dog collars 61%
purple dog collars purple dog collar 94%
purple dog collars pink dog collars 72%
cat collars dog collar 63%
stories for dogs story for dogs 81%


Settings depend on goals but it’s generally wise to setup at least two rules:

  1. Successful search terms: high clicks, with conversions at a good ROI
  2. High clicks: if they’re relevant, adding search terms as keywords can help keep an eye on performance and reveal Quality Score metrics

Adding new rules

Adding new rules is simple:

  1. Copy and paste an existing row
  2. Duplicate an existing output sheet
  3. Name the new sheet
  4. Enter the same name in the Output Sheet Name column so the script knows where to store opportunities
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