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Tags: Negative Keywords, Sculpting, Shopping, Search, DSA

Automatically add negative keywords based on “positive keywords” you define.

Perfect for:

  • Shopping campaigns
  • Dynamic search ads (DSAs)
  • Text Ads (combat Google’s “close-match” going awry)

Shopping ads and DSA use data you provide to determine which search queries your products will appear for. Not unlike broad-match keywords, Google Ads doesn’t always get it right.

Irrelevant terms are rife on Shopping Ads & DSA, and the problem multiplies as bids increase.

The following free Google Ads Script helps by adding negative keywords automatically, based on positive keywords you define.

  • Auto add negative keywords based on "positive" keywords
  • Accepts multiple matches
  • "Pick up where it left off" support
  • Only add new negative keywords
  • Negative keyword list support
  • Sheet-based previous run logs
  • Advanced error logging
  • Advanced query filters
  • Faster run-time Vs the free version
  • Campaign level version

🆕 Introducing exact match positive keywords

By default, positive keywords need to be present anywhere in the search term including within words.

e.g. "dog" will match "dogs collars".

For granular control we've added exact match positive keywords. Just surround the word in [square brackets] and the whole word must match exactly.

e.g. "[dog]" will not match "dogs collars" but will match "dog collars".

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