Video: How to Install Google Ads Scripts + a Few Tips

Posted 1 year ago

In this video we go over how to install Google Ads Scripts.
The general idea is simple enough, but here are some things you might not know:

Scripts will update spreadsheets and send emails in preview mode

Preview mode will not make any changes, but everything else works the same way.

That includes updating Google Sheets and sending emails.

It's possible to check if you're in preview mode when writing scripts.


Running scripts is faster than previewing

Previewing needs to process showing you the logs and the changes. When you "Run" a script, that's all in the background. If a script is timing out it might help to run it instead.


Preview then authorize

This will save you a click. By previewing first the system knows what to authorize against.

If you authorize first you might need to authorize again.


The documentation might not work with your ad blocker

Trying to view Google Ads Script docs including solutions? Turn off your ad blocker or use an incognito window.


Within Script History, check the date range

We often see people wondering where their logs are.

It's usually because they're looking at the wrong date range.


Large account? Limit data to prevent a slow Google Sheet

Over a long enough date range, even small accounts can run into this issue.

Google Sheets have a 5 million cell limit, but before you come close to that you may notice the spreadsheet becoming unusably slow. Often, they'll just crash entirely.

It helps to limit data where possible (do you need to see search terms with 0 clicks?) and use multiple spreadsheets.

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